Friday, January 21, 2011

Tips for a Good Spine

Dont be a slouch - maintain a neutral curve in your low back while sitting. Avoid over cushioned chairs and put a foam roll in the small of your low back
Watch repetitive lifting - doing a lot of lifting in the same manner and direction can injure your back over time by execeeding the endurance of the back soft tissue
Stay strong - a well supported back depends on strong muscles. A few simple exercises can tone your abdominals and sides of the trunk - click here for 4 moves for a stronger core
Dont sit still - if you have a job that requires you sit for a long period of time remember to get up and move around. This helps boost circulation to your spine. Try to get up for a couple minutes at least every hour
Dont lose sleep - make sure you have the right mattress - it shouldnt be too firm or too saggy. Most research generally support a relatively firm mattress
Dont stress - stress can magnify your back pain - so try to relax

{source:lifemark healthier you newsletter}

1 comment:

Katie said...

I honestly needed this. I'm only 26 and already I feel I have a back hump (I don't lol but I do have a slouch) it's awful. I see those little old women humped over and I get so nervous that it'll be me in 40 years for now. thanks for posting this, it really gave me a good boot in my backside, haha!!


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