Monday, January 3, 2011


When looking for snacks its important to look for something healthy,
with fibre, and protein - they keep you full for longer

So great snacks include cut up fruit, whole grain crackers and cheese

Thats why I was pretty excited when I saw 34-degree crackers
they claim to be whole grains, they are wafer thin, and tons of flavours and look delicious.

I was not so excited after I looked up the nutritional information

it looks good at first - 130 calories for19 crackers, no saturated or trans fat, maybe a bit too much sodium and then I looked at the Fibre... 1g??? For whole wheat crackers. I was suspicious.

To even be considered a source of fibre there needs to be 2g/serving
To be a good source it needs to bee 4g/serving.
and last time a checked... whole grains should have lots of fibre

Then I looked at the ingredients... and there it was
unbleached, enriched wheat flour.
-Not whole wheat flour

these might be a step up from crackers that aren't enriched, but your best bet is to stick with real whole grain crackers like triscuits. 

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