Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Heart Health

Did you know heart attacks are more likely to occur in the morning?
Because in the mornings
-your blood pressure has started to rise, and is much higher than when sleeping
-your arteries are more rigid, making them more likely to rupture
-your blood is thicker

-so what can you do to prevent a heart attack in the morning?
Taking all heart-related meds in the evening before bed - around 10pm
-cholesterol meds- because your liver makes more cholesterol at night
- blood pressure meds can help keep your blood pressure lower in the morning
-taking a baby asprin as a heart attack prevention is more effective if taken at night

-even taking half of your multi vitamin at night is good for you because of the
antioxidant benefits.

So stay heart healthy, talk to your doctor about switching your meds to the evening

{source: Dr. Oz}

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