Thursday, October 21, 2010

Electronics and Sleep

Many electronic devises can interfere with your sleep.

The lights on your alarm clock or cell phone may be enough to disrupt your sleep
Turn off wireless router when going to sleep.  I have tried this the last couple of nights, and I feel much more rested even with the same amount of sleep

Remove cellphones and cordless phones from the bedroom

Cover up LCD alarm clocks with a pillow

Using electronics before bed may also be to blame

When you send emails or watch tv you are stimulating brain activity. When your brain is active right before you turn out the light, it wont be ready to sleep

Having a 15-30 minute period between when you disconnect and when you go to bed
Make your bedroom electronic free

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Double Down = Double the risk

KFC's new sandwich "The Double Down" was launched yesterday in Canada.

It is two pieces of bacon and two pieces of cheese between two chicken breasts -either breaded and fried, or grilled.
There is no bread - so some are claiming that its healthy because there are no carbs from the bread. They are wrong - this is NOT healthy in any way.
The sand which has 30 grams of fat (half the daily recommended fat intake - and I can guarantee that this is not your healthy poly-unsaturated fats) and 1740mg of sodium (max daily intake should be 1500mg).
And no - the grilled chicken is not healthier.

Some people are ordering the sandwich because the commercials led to the feeling of "needing to man up".
Last time I checked, having a heart attack wasn't very manly.

Do your arteries a favor and don't eat this sandwich.
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