Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happpy New Years

Happy New Years!

Its a big time for new goals and resolutions.
So I wanted to share a few tips with everyone.

 1. If, like everyone else, you decided to hit the gym in January - here are some things to keep in mind
- the gyms push sales and target resolutioners in January - and pretty much abandon you come February
- because of this gyms can be super crowded during the first month of the year
-so do be frustrated.
instead of joining the gym right away, start small at home
Start by walking 2 nights a week.
During a tv show you watch in the evenings, do push ups, sit ups, or walk up and down your stairs during the commercials
-after a month of success, if you want, start looking in to the gyms. - you'll be more confident, and already be used to being a little more active
-if exercising at home works for you, think about an exercise dvd, add another night of walking, or walk farther or faster.

2. when it comes to making your new years goals here's some tips:

-write them down - and post them where you can see them every day
-tell people about them, sharing them makes you more accountable
-make them very specific, and measurable (ex. instead of "walk twice a week" make your goal "walk Monday and Wednesday evening, for 20 minutes, right after dinner"
-don't be afraid if you have to adjust them after a few weeks - having goals set in stone can make you feel bad if you cant succeed. 

-With New Years its easy to want to set big goals and think about the whole 12 months at a time
but its okay to start small, start with one or two weeks at a time.
it will be a lot less daunting and you will be more likely to stick with it!

What are your goals for this up coming year - health and exercise related and everything else?

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