Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stay healthy during cold and flu season

Cold and Flu season is here
Everyone is back to work, the kids are back to school
and everyone is sick!

So what can you do to try to stop you from getting sick?
Check back over the next few days for different tips

Take a Cold Shower -
uncomfortable? yes. but research has show that there are multiple benefits during the cold season.
1. this can help your blood vessels adapt to being cold faster, peripheral blood vessels will constrict faster and you can conserve more heat.
2. German research has shown that cold water can help important virus-fighting cytokines (immune system proteins) work better together - that means fewer viral infections for you!
3. The cold water can increase lymphocytes (white blood cells) which help ward off colds and flu
4. The cold water will make you gasp! wondering why this helps? This helps open up closed and clogged air sacs in your lungs called alveoli. That means more oxygen for your body, and open, unclogged alveoli are less prone to infections such as bronchitis or pneumonia
5. The burst of cold water will then lead to increased blood flow to your organs - especially your skin, lungs, heart, and throat. Increase blood flow will help fight off illnesses
6. A cold shower can boost your mood and lower stress which will boost your immune system

start slow by exposing hands and feet to the cold water, and then work your way up
if you are susceptible to high blood pressure check with your doctor

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Anonymous said...

the little bear is sooo cute! While the cold shower sounds like a good idea, it is going to take some serious negotiations with myself to jump it. maybe I'll start small with the hands and maybe the feet!!! wish me luck!

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