Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Healthy Food? Dinner Edition

Veggie Burger
Subsituting vegetables for beef isnt necessarily a bad idea.
But veggie burgers are often bound together with cheese, and packed with sodium for flavor.
They also tend to be huge throwing your portion size out of wack
Add a white bun, sugary ketchup, and some mayo and you just might be getting more than 1000 calories

While 100% juice is an easy way to one of your daily servings of fruit
a 16oz glass or apple or orange juice contains about 55g of carbohydrates... mostly sugar.
(about 12 spoonfuls!!!)
And juice lacks the fibre that is in fruit that fills you up.
Try to stick to one 8oz glass of 100% juice a day or less (thats one fruit serving)

Frozen Diet Dinners
When you take out high calorie fat and sugars... you also take out flavor
To make these dinners taste good they replace this lost flavour with sodium
Which means major water renetion for you
Skip the prepackaged dinners and instead, freeze home made meals into single-portion size dinners.
Use glass containers to avoid any harmful chemicals that can leach out of plastic when it gets heated.

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