Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tai Chi

The second activity that is being searched a lot on yahoo is

Tai Chi

This is a centuries-old Chinese practice that combines meditation, medicine and martial arts.
It is an exercise for the mind and body that combines slow fluid movements called forms.

It is meant to improve the flow of qi (or chi) - the life energy thought to sustain health and quiet the mind

If you are thinking this is just an exercise for seniors in a quiet park on a sunny day... think again.

Its a great way to get moving, its low impact, the mediation aspect is great for stress levels, and doing it outside also adds the benefits of being in nature!

This video has some more information as well as a beginner tai chi exercise
Check it out! (the work out starts at about 4minutes)

Go to this website to find out about tai chi classes in Western Canada

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