Monday, April 25, 2011

Diet Plans

I left this "top searched" fitness trend for last...

because I am most wary about it.

I don't necessarily think diet plans, restricted eating, eliminating food groups ect... is healthy.

When you decide to do a diet plan that focuses on a certain food, or food group you need to really do your research, make sure you will be getting all your essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals.

My advice to you....
Make sure you are filling up on healthy, fresh, nutritionally dense foods
Avoid eating nutritionally empty foods (junk, white bread pasta, processed foods ect....)
Everything in moderation... you can allow yourself to eat dessert occasionally..
And watch your portion size!! That one is Key!!
Measure out what a serving of pasta is sometime... and compare it to a restaurant serving - you are likely getting about 4 servings.

That being said..
I think the Mediterranean Diet is something to consider looking at.
It isn't a really restrictive "diet" intended to short term starvation...
It is more a healthy way of eating focusing on heart healthy foods

Lots of plant based foods, replacing fats and butter with health healthy olive oil
Limit red meat and instead focus of fish and seafood
Using spices to flavour food rather than salt
Get exercise
And have the occasional glass of red wine.
Read more about it Here

1 comment:

Ashley Lane Hamlin said...

I'm kinda proud. I eat a lot like the Med diet... but with more meat. I do make good choices with meats, though!

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