Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I didnt run once last week...
It was only the second week of training!!
Not a good trend.

I did go to hot yoga and have a soccer game though!!

I ran yesterday - pretty much the same pace - 3.6km in 30 minutes.
It went pretty good,

Since I missed the week I made up my own little interval plan
I was running 1min walking 1min, and a couple times I ran 1min 15sec and occassionally when I got tired I walked 1min 30 sec.
So it was pretty uncoordinated.

But I ran! Which is a good start to the week.

Did you know... what you do on monday really does set you up for the rest of the week!
Exercise on monday, you will be more likely to exercise other days
Eat vegetarian on monday, you are likely to consume less meat during the rest of the week!

How is everyone elses running going?
Did anyone do better than me last week?


Anonymous said...

i ran yesterday - first time in a week! 4 k in 30 minutes. I think the 5 k mother's day run is going to be the new goal!

Keri said...

Ohh thats good! Thats my goal today, 4k.
Then we can run the 5k together!!

Lindsay said...

at least you are running right :)
i run about 2 miles every day, nothing to write home about but for me it is good.i am not a fan of running, but i love working out in other ways. but there is just something about running and how it makes you feel afterwards :)
keep it up!!

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