Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holiday Weight Gain

During the Holidays (American Thanksgiving - New Years)

The average North American gains about 1 pound

Not 7-12 like some people might have you think (i.e. gyms with new years deals)

And 1lbs doesn't sounds like a lot.

But most people don't LOSE the 1lbs they gain during the holidays

And since  Most Adults gain about 1-2 pounds a year 

that means that much of midlife weight gain can be attributed to holiday weight gain.

Watch what you eat this holiday season

Stick to water instead of high calorie beverages

Go easy on the sauce, gravy and butters

Never go to a holiday party hungry

Take small portions the first time around so if you go back for seconds you don't feel too guilty

Don't Hang out by the Food

And Get 30 Minutes of Physical Activity a Day.
-try going for a walk, getting on the stationary bike, go tobogganing or skating

Or Split it Up through out the day
Its Okay to get 3, 10 minute bouts of exercise during the day.


Mannequins Dream said...

haha great tips! thanks for sharing! :D Xx

jaylen watkins said...

It is common thing to have weight gain during holidays or parties. One need to be take food wisely.

Weight gain

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