Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Goals

Are you setting any health or fitness related New Years Resolutions??

Heres a few tips to ensure you succeed!!

Set reasonable goals...
To lose 1lbs a week is a reasonable amount, 7lbs a week isn't..

Goals should be specific, have numbers, times, and strategies included.

my goal is to do 20 minutes of cardio 5 days a week.

Write your goal down - and put it somewhere you will see it every day: On the fridge, on your mirror ect..

Share it with someone (post it in comments!!) - that way you are held accountable

Don't be too hard on yourself!!

And make sure to reward yourself
-rewards can be done at certain milestones and when you reach your goal.

Don't give up.

Good luck and take a minute to read this..

 If you’ve lost one pound. If you’ve lost a hundred pounds. If you’ve kicked your junk-food habit. If you’ve eaten a vegetable today. If you walked a block today. If you ran a mile. If you put down a glass of Coke. If you drank five glasses of water. If you’ve cut 1000 calories or if you’ve cut 100, take a second to marvel at how far you’ve come and how far you’re able to go.

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