Monday, August 23, 2010


Most people are getting somewhere between 2 and 3 times the recommended daily intake of sodium.
For people ages 9-50 the RDA for sodium is 1500mg. However - the average Canadian man gets  4,100mg and women are consuming 2,900mg.
This is BAD. While some sodium is needed for normal cell function, and it needs to be replaced because sodium is lost through urine and sweat, Canadians are getting way too much.

Most of the sodium comes from processed packaged foods. Even things such as milk, and pop has sodium. Make sure you are checking the labels when buying processed foods - and the labels can be deceiving because of the serving size  -so read carefully.

This huge amount of sodium can cause a huge amount of health problems. Sodium causes water retention, which no only leads to bloating but also causes high blood pressure. High blood pressure is hard on your kidneys, your heart  and your blood vessels.

Try to reduce your sodium intake by taking the salt shaker off the table, not adding much or any when preparing food. And always read the labels!

read an article from CBC news here

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