Thursday, August 5, 2010


When thinking about starting an exercise program or wanting to change your current program there are a few things you need to think about. FITT

Depending on whether you are looking for Health and Wellness Benefits, Fitness Benefits or Performance benefits those four things should be different.  Here are some guidelines.
                   Health & Wellness                 
Frequency    3-5 days Moderate intensity
Intensity      50-60% MHR                 
Time            30-60min @ 50-60mhr                    
Type            Steady and continuous. low intensity                
                 Fitness Benefits
                  5-7days Moderate intensity.
                  70-85% MHR
                 20-60min @ 70-85mhr
                 Steady continuous
                 Performance Benefits
                  5-6 days moderate-high intensity
                  90% MHR
                 20min-2hrs depend on intensity

                 Steady, continuous
- for health & wellness, fitness and performance you should incorporate as much large muscle mass as you can i.e. legs and hip muscles, core (ab and back). Incorporating small muscle groups (such as arm and shoulders) at the same time will burn more calories.

(MHR = max heart rate calculated using the formula  220-age )

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