Tuesday, August 3, 2010

circuit training

here is the circuit i have been doing recently at home.  all you need is a step or bench, a mat, and some weights - 3 - 7.5 lbs weights (whatever you can lift 10-12 times and gives you a good workout)

Warm up:
Jog in place 1 minute
Arm swings 30 sec
Jumping Jacks -30

Step Up (I use my coffee table)
Plie squat
45 Degree Lunge
Chair Pose

Cardio:  30 sec each
Jumping Jacks, Jogging on spot, Skipping on spot

Abs 15 each
Crunches w/ legs lifted
Reverse Crunch
V -Sit
Side Plank (30 sec each side)

Cardio (same as above)

Arms: 10-12 reps each
Push ups
Bent Over Row
Bicep curl
Tricep Curl
Chest Fly

Cardio +Cool down
Jumping Jacks, Skipping on spot
Walk on spot

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