Sunday, February 7, 2010


nearly a year ago my mom was diagnosed with throat cancer. the day she told us, we - as a family, took a stand against cancer. mom was the only one who could fight.  everyone else could only rally - we all did what we could. i tried to use what i knew from school about nutrition and health and fitness. my sister did the ride to conquer cancer raising $4,400 to go towards research for head and throat cancers. grandma and granpa, my moms parents, came to live with my mom and bill to support in anyway they could - rides to and from the hospital, housework, and company. bill was by my moms side every step of the way, at the doctors appointments, and learning as much as he possibly could. we came together. the treatment was intense but later in the summer my mom was declared cancer free. she is a survivor. she is our hero. this is for her. for her recovery, and our journey back to a life full of health, adventure, travel, and family. xox

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