Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the bull about red bull

a number of years ago i wrote an essay about all the horrible health truths about the energy drink red bull. a 14 year old boy on a friends soccer team had a heart attack because of the drinks so i was inspired to get the truth out there.
here are the main highlights from that essay
1. the red bull website sights this drink as suitable for sport and will have a positive affect on your game
 truth: your body needs water and electrolytes when you are exercising - red bull does not have a balanced amount of either. infact - the website states that this drink is not for re-hydrations, however this warning is not on the actual product.
2. red bull contains the same amount of caffine as a strong cup of coffee
truth: with the amount of sugar in the drink, its more like a cup of coffee with around 5teaspoons of sugar in it. and there are other sources of caffine - such as guarana which are listed seperatly and not as a source of cafffine. the total affects of ingrediants such as guarana are not known.
3. vitamin b is benefical to your body
truth: too much vitamin b (like most vitmains) is toxic. it can cause rapid heart rate and numbness 
4. alcoholic drinks are sold mixed with red bull.
truth: it says right on the container that these drinks should not be mixed with alcohol.  when consumed together, it makes people feel less drunk than they actually are. this can lead to alcohol poisoning, drinking andd driving - because they dont feel that drunk and much more.  bars can actually be fined for mixing alcohol and energy drinks - it is that dangerous!!

-another interesting fact - red bull is the only energy drink approved for sale in canada - the rest are only on temporary permits because they have not been approved by the fda.

these drinks are very popular and are very alluring - but you need to know your facts before you pick up another red bull before your soccer game, for mixing with your vodka, or because you are thirsty or need a little boost of energy.

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