Monday, October 24, 2011

Healthy is the New Skinny


This video is the message behind what is probably my new favorite website...

Its about helping girls and women accept their bodies
to change the perception that skinny is better, skinny is beautiful
and to help everyone realize that healthy is beautiful
being healthy, happy, and confident it what we need to strive for.

Please watch the video, share it with your little girl, your teen-age daughters
someone you know who is struggling with their body image.

Being skinny doesn't equal being healthy
and not falling into the fashion industry's narrow definition of beauty doesn't make you ugly or undesirable.

Women everyone need to come together and teach each other, friends and children that it is our health... emotion, physical, social, spiritual health that really matters. 
Not the number on the scale.

I hope to help people to learn to live a more healthy, active, and happy life.
Every body is loved and celebrated here
Every step you take to being more healthy is a step in the right direction.



meghan said...

stopping by from mingle monday. love the message of your blog -- this post is great =) looking forward to more!

meghan @

Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

Love it! So inspirational!

Mannequins Dream said...

great post thanks so much for sharing!! :D Xx

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