Thursday, February 3, 2011

Exercise for your Heart

Everyone has been told a hundred times that they need to exercise.
Its important, not only to maintain a healthy bodyweight, but also necessary to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system

your heart is a muscle
and like any other muscle it needs to be worked and exercised in order to stay healthy
so get your heart pumping, and get your heart rate up every day
-for adults it is suggested to get at least 30 minutes a day -
and that can be broken up into 3-10min session a day

so your goal today.... get 3 session of 10minutes of good cardiovascular exercise


On your lunch break, go for a brisk walk - it should be fast enough that you can feel your heart rate increase
but not so fast you cant carry on a converstation
Go for at least  10 minutes

When you get home, maybe while catching up on the news
spend 10 minutes - walking/jogging on the spot, go fast, get your knees up and swing your arms
and maybe do some jumping jacks for good measure

Then around 8pm a while after you've had dinner,
Do some boxing.  Make little hops back and forth between each foot
get your arms up in front of your face and alternate punching out with each arm
(for an extra challenge, instead of hopping - sink down into a deep squat and hold it as long as you can while boxing)

There! You have done 30 minutes of exercise
and done something great for your heart.

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