Sunday, February 27, 2011

5km running plan

 May 8th is the Mothers Day Run in Calgary...
I would like to be able to run the  5km if not the 10km (with mom!)
So I've been  looking for a training program.

Im going to start with a 5km running plan for beginners...
because while I have run before - even 12km!! - its been way to long!

I found this 8 week 5km training plan on
Click HERE to see it
It focuses on interval training - alternating between running and walking.

Week 1
Goal: Walk 90 seconds, jog or run 60 seconds in intervals, and then recover. Interval training alternates higher intensity with lower intensity exercise and is an efficient way of working out. Repeat intervals until you’ve reached 30 minutes.

I will post the week's training program here every Sunday- so if you want you can train too!

The goal is to train 4-5 days a week.
I am going to aim  for 3 running/interval days, and one strength training a week.

Its important to set a goal, make it specfic and measurable and then post it up somewhere where you see it every day!
So I am making a sign about the mothers day run and putting it on my fridge!

I hope you will join me in training for a 5km run.

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