Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Diet Pop = Heart Disease

I have written about the dangers of pop before..

Now there is new research linking Diet Pop to Heart Disease.
People who drink diet soda every day have a 61% higher risk of having vascular events than people who dont.

Key thing to take away from this study is that Diet Pop is NOT the best replacement for high sugar content beverages.
Soft drinks should be a treat, NOT something that you drink every day, or even every week - even if its diet.
The sugar, the artificial sweeteners, the chemicals, articial flavors and colors... these are all bad for you.
Have you ever wonded WHAT is in a can of coke that makes it calorie free... that means Nothing in that can can be utilized by your body as a source of energy...

here is a link to a video from The Today Show covering the study..

Click Here to read my post about increased Pancreatic Cancer risk associated with Pop


Tamara Nicole said...

Oh i believe you, pop is so bad for people! Not a fan:-)

Amie said...

Hi Keri! Thanks for the blog love! I'm following you, too. :)

It is always a blessing to come into contact with people who understand my family's struggle. I hope that your mother is well!

Also, I've never ever liked Diet Coke, so I am glad to find out it's a good thing I've always avoided it! :)

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