Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Food Cravings

What is the best way to combate food cravings or late night snacking?
Distract yourself.  Even better - distract yourself by doing something active

The average food craving lasts about 4-12 minutes.  So the next time you feel yourself reaching for those salty crackers, or hidden stash of cookies try these things first

1. Drink a glass or water. A lot of the time thirst is mistake for hunger - so try this first, you may be dehydrated.

2. Go for a walk. Go for a brisk 15-20 minute walk, in the park, with your special someone, or take the dog out. By the time you get back - the craving should be gone.

3. Stretch - stretch out your hamstrings, your back, your neck. -click here for a 4 minute yoga routine

4. Do a 20 minute at home workout - try the one here

5. Brush your teeth - you are less likely to snack with minty fresh just brushed teeth

-if you try these tips and you still feel like you want to eat - keep healthy snacks easily accesible. cut up peppers, carrots, apples and leave them in single serving bags/tupperwear in the fridge. Or keep bags or quarter cup bags of unsalted almonds in the cupboard That way nutrient dense snacks ready when you are!

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