Monday, November 15, 2010

Concerned about beef?

Alberta is known for its beef - but how much do we actually know about beef?

I recently watched the CBC documentary Frankensteer at school.
It explores the mass production of beef at feedlots in Canada.  It definitely raises some good questions (along with a little fear mongering). 
Today, the cows that raised and sold on our market as beef at pumped full of antibiotics even if they are not sick, or at risk of becoming sick. In fact - 50% of all tonnage of antibiotics used in canada end up in our beef.
They are also given growth hormones to make them get bigger, and ready for slaughter faster - in Canada the hormone Estradiol is used - even though it is banned in the UK and has been linked to higher rates of cancer.

We often treat beef like it is toxic when we bring it into our homes - we know we much always wash our hands and all surfaces that raw beef comes in contact with - this is because of the bacteria that is found within the beef we bring home from the supermarket.
E.Coli comes from the intestinal tracts of animals and often gets mixed into meat during processing - especially ground beef. - fortunately heat can kill this bacteria
That's why cooking your beef to the proper temperature is so important
Steaks, roast and fish should be cooked to 62.8C or 145F
Pork and ground beef 71.1C or 160F
Chicken breasts  76.7C or 170.1F

In the case of ground beef - don't be fooled by the meat turning brown, always keep a thermometer close by!
And when travelling to the USA don't forget to order your hamburger well done - because despite what is approved for sale in restaurants in the states - rare ground beef is not safe.

If you want to watch the documentary follow this link

{i also want to caution people to do their research before jumping on the organic bandwagon - know the regulations in your area and consider getting to know your local providers via the farmers market.}

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