Friday, September 24, 2010

After a Work Out

Drink Chocolate Milk

Maybe you have seen the commercials, or maybe this is the first time you are hearing this.
But here is why:  After a work out, your body craves both carbohydrates and protein.
Chocolate Milk contains the perfect ratio of carbs:protein that your body needs.
Plus its yummy.! So drink up!


Anonymous said...

how about chocolate almond milk for those who don't drink regular milk?

Keri said...

Average/1 cup (8oz)
Chocolate Milk
Carbohydrates 22-30g
Protein 8g

Almond Breeze Chocolate
Carbs: 22g
Protein 2g

-Because the protein level is so much lower, the perfect ratio isn`t there. So Almond milk wouldn`t be as beneficial as dairy chocolate milk after a work out

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