Wednesday, March 31, 2010

get crackin

eggs are such a yummy breakfast.. or dinner for that matter. im sure everyone can find at least one way they like their eggs cooked. sunny side up, over easy, eggs benedict, egg in a hole (also referred to by some as a one eye sandwich) hard boiled, soft boiled. the opportunities are endless!
eggs are also good for another reason besides their yummy-ness. one egg contains all of the essential amino acids in all the right proportions for your body. amino acids are the building blocks your body used to build new protiens. and protein is essential for all cell growth, division, and repair - and that is all cells, red blood cells, white blood cells (hello immunity), skin cells, liver cells you name it.
if you are short on one type of essential amino acid (meaning, your body can't make it, you need to consume it in your diet) then all production of new proteins STOPS. this is bad news.

if that isn't a good enough reason for you to increase your consumption of eggs then maybe this will help
there is nutrient called choline is essential for normal cell function (including repair and division). it is found in eggs (yolks, not whites) and some recent studies have found that women who consumed 455mg of choline a day reduced their risk of breast cancer by 18-24%. thats huge! while one egg only contains a quarter of the recommended amount of choline, it is a good way to boost how much you are getting. other sources include skim milk and coffee.

eat up!

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