Monday, April 19, 2010

Snack Girl

i have found my new favorite website!
it is full of great food and snacking advice. there are tons of healthy recipes and tips for eating well.

this picture is from an experiment she did involving a mcdonalds burger and a homemade burger. this is what they looked like after 11 weeks.
yess the rotten burger is gross, but the fact that the mcdonalds burger hasnt changed in 11 weeks is worse.
check out the article here

i tried her recipe for steamed artichokes and lemon butter sauce a couple of times last week. and i love it. the sauce is great and peeling a part the artichoke is oddly satisfying despite not getting much from each of the leaves. you can find the recipe here

im sure there will be plently more posts inspired by snack girl in the future. i definitely recommend taking a look. i have learned a lot from this site.

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